Sunday, July 11, 2010

Newlyweds No More? No Way!

One year ago today, on a rainy evening in Dayton, Ohio, I walked down the aisle in a big, poufy white dress and became a wife. For the past three hundred and sixty five days, I have been a blissful newlywed – and a well-fed one at that! And perhaps because our first year of marriage seemed to have passed by in the blink of an eye, I still feel like a newlywed. (At least most of the time. Sometimes I feel like we’re an old married couple, feeling every minute of our six and a half years together.) So fear not, my friends. Even though we may not technically be newlyweds anymore, I still feel like we are, and will continue to blog as such.

I wanted to bake something special today to post in honor of our anniversary, but to be honest with you, no recipe could top my excitement over eating cake saved from our wedding. Our wedding cake was so delicious that I have high hopes it will have survived a year in the freezer. If six layers of plastic wrap and aluminum foil didn’t do the job, well then, I have a backup recipe at the ready. In any event, there are some exciting recipes coming your way this week. Check them out and share them with the ones you love – no matter how long you have (or haven’t) been married!


  1. I think we were *all* "well-fed" that evening! Congrats on the one-year anniversary! And please develop a shipping/delivery service for your food creations, you'd make a FORTUNE off people like me. :)

  2. Thanks Mike! Hmm... so basically a catering service that ships? I'm not sure how that would work. Dry ice? Maybe you should just move back to Nashville and hire me to be your personal chef ;) It'd be nice to see you more often!



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