Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Welcome to The Well-Fed Newlyweds!

The past year was one of great change for me. I finished graduate school and married Stan, my long-time love. Armed with a master’s degree and a marriage license, I set off to take on the world. Several months of unemployment later, I began looking for something to help pass the time…

I’ve always been an avid cook. I even wrote a cookbook when I was in elementary school. (Guess I was a foodie from the very beginning.) In recent months, faced with more free time than I’ve had in years, I began to cook even more than usual. I decided to chalk up my cooking obsession to newlywed nesting and embrace it, rather than get depressed about my lack of paid employment and resulting inability to go out to eat.

The Well-Fed Newlyweds is an invitation into my kitchen. The recipes I include run the gamut from quick and easy to more time consuming. I really believe that even a novice cook can achieve great results with all of the recipes discussed. It’s just a matter of following the directions. Moreover, I do my cooking in a small apartment kitchen, so size does not matter!

Just a note: Stan and I are big eaters, and I have found that, for us, the listed number of servings for many recipes is not accurate. Therefore, I will not always include serving sizes for my recipes when I feel they vary too widely.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Now let’s get cooking!

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